Friday, 27 January 2012

Celebrity Big Brother 2012 – Venting Our Reality Spleen!

“Celebrity Big Brother: Viewers cry fix as Twins survive DOUBLE eviction, Romeo done”
Toxic CBB twins
Though we don’t often become embroiled in matters of a national importance type nature, we felt compelled to voice our concerns about the (in our opinion) shonky voting in Celebrity Big Brother this year, which although we haven’t mentioned it much, we have been following robustly.
CCB Frankie
When Natalie was evicted shockingly last week we were very upset because we had 50p on her to win. We had also refrained from voting to early as we are only allowed five votes per reality series, and as we were certain that Natalie would make it to the final five we were saving our votes to make her our winner.
Celebrity Big brother pantsgate
Needless to say when she was evicted, our hearts were not in it as much as they had been.Celebrity Big Brother Forum
Imagine our further dismay then when on Wednesday night we were fully expecting the pouting, hair fiddling Toxic Twins to be out after the Denise and “Pantsgate”  debacle, only to see Romeo evicted …. we were shocked to the core, as he has been so inoffensive. We felt he had given sage advice to Frankie and looked after the ladies when they were drunk emotional in the Jacuzzi. Whereas the twins have been very media savvy and constantly plotting and planning their victory in the toilet and behind their sunglasses.
Celebrity Big Brother 2012 Comments
Anyway, disgruntled we decided to look on the CBB Forum and saw that others were up in arms too that the twins still remained and we decided to leave a comment too. It won’t make any difference, but we will save enough money from not voting to buy a substantial amount of Pringles and Maltesers to nom on while watching the live final …… which we now hope Gareth will win!


Mr. D said...

"Shonky" is it?

Anonymous said...

Me thinks Great British Public play trick on Toxic Twins - they thinking - we popular - but wait til they step out those doors!
I think Gareth will win, tho would like to see Denise win title. She certainly has brought colour to the house!

marc said...

i will have to speak to my management before i leave a comment lol big love Marc